🧙Why aren't my Menu, Search, and Cart (panels) working?

Navi+ supports various Menu, Search, and Cart panels on popular themes: Most free Shopify themes (Dawn, Spotlight, Sense, Refresh, Craft), and several popular premium themes such as Impulse, Tailor, Warehouse, Pipeline, Empire, Enterprise, Local, Avenue... This support is demonstrated by displaying the theme's panels when your customers click on the Menu, Search, and Cart items, instead of redirecting to a corresponding page. This provides a seamless and optimized experience as it avoids page reloads, which can interrupt the customer experience.

This feature is only available for the Business plan and above (not supported on the free plan). Therefore, if you are using the free plan, please upgrade to a paid plan to significantly enhance your website's experience, optimize speed, improve SEO, and gain access to many useful features. If you are already using a paid plan and your theme is not on the list of supported themes by Navi+, please contact Navi+ support via channels such as WhatsApp, iMessage, or email. We will integrate Navi+ to support your theme within one business day.

Note: If you are using a paid plan and downgrade to the free plan, these exclusive features will not work on your menu. We will send an email notification before disabling the feature on your application.

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