🌍Why is Navi+ menu not displayed on my website?

To display the Navi+ menu on your website, there are two clear options:

  1. Embed [Navi+ On all page] into your theme and adjust the display in the Navi+ application: This is also the most common and easiest way to do it. However, your Navi+ menus can only stick on the screen (at the bottom, header, or floating). The adjustments are very diverse, with three different levels to ensure you can navigate according to your needs.

    • Level 1: Show/hide the Navi+ menu and show/hide it on specific groups of pages. In Shopify, there are some common groups of pages such as the Home page, catalog, products, and page.

    • Level 2: Show/hide on mobile or desktop devices. Due to the completely different experiences between mobile and desktop, many users create separate menus for mobile and desktop.

    • Level 3: By keyword: You can show/hide when the URL of the webpage contains/does not contain one or several keywords. This option is very useful and flexible, allowing you to create specific menus for each page or each product.

  2. Session [Navi+ On Session] is used to embed directly into each page of the Shopify theme. With this option, you can have an additional choice of not sticking the menu (at the bottom, header, or floating) but allowing it to flow with the content of the page. This effect is useful when you want to create grid-type menus or bar-type menus that flow as you scroll the screen.

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