📔Impact theme & Navi+ menu

Is the Navi+ menu compatible with the Impact theme?

Navi+ menu is fully compatible with all Shopify 2.0 themes, including the Impulse theme. It functions seamlessly as an indispensable support component. Particularly on mobile devices, Navi+ provides a suite of navigation tools, leading users to pages, categories, and products effortlessly, enhancing the mobile experience significantly. With Impulse theme priced at nearly $400 and Navi+ costing less than $5 per month, you'll have a professional, user-friendly website ready to boost sales as expected.

Here are some tips you can use with Navi+ when using the Inpact theme.

1. Using a menu item from Navi+ to open Impact's default menu.

Step 1: Add javascription function

// Javascript function
function openImpactMenu() {
        document.querySelector('div.header__icon-list button').click();
	return false;

Step 2: Setup the menu item link as javascript function: javascript:openImpactMenu

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