💰Why can Navi+ help you save money?

Navi+ helps you save a lot of time and money. Discover what Navi+ can do for you:

Navi+ transforms free, minimalist, and highly optimized themes like Dawn, Pipeline, and Craft into professional, visually appealing, and powerful websites in terms of user experience. Instead of spending over $300 on a premium theme that might look great on desktop (for 20% of your traffic) but not be "better" on mobile (for 80% of your traffic) due to limited display space, a professionally designed bottom bar that sticks on the mobile interface will greatly enhance navigation, improve UI aesthetics, and boost professionalism.

Navi+ eliminates the need to buy and subscribe to a service for creating native apps for your website. This can save you up to $50-300 per month since the user experience on native apps will no longer be superior compared to your website when it is seamlessly integrated with Navi+.

Navi+ saves you from subscribing to paid support and chat applications like Crisp, WhatsApp, call, share, etc., as these are integrated for free within Navi+. Additionally, installing too many of these types of software can significantly impact your page load speed and take up web space with sticky float buttons (which you can place in level 1 or 2 menu items of the tab bar menu). You can also integrate Shopify Inbox completely for free and place it in the Navi+ menu item without taking up extra space.

Navi+ provides many pre-built templates, so you don't need to hire developers or designers to do this for you. Navi+'s team of UX designers has reviewed hundreds of different navigation models, optimized them on many websites, and compiled them into Navi+. You simply clone and edit them according to your needs.

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