Is Navi+ fast? Does it affect website speed?

One of the biggest concerns users often have when using Navi+ is: Is Navi+ fast enough? Does it significantly affect the website's speed?

Navi+ understands that navigation is always the most important aspect of a website's experience. Navigation is a UI component that always needs to be the fastest and most stable since it directly impacts user interactions, leading to user decisions in making purchases. And in reality, Navi+ runs very quickly and stably, as evidenced by the following:

A. Currently, Navi+ handles millions of requests daily across all customer websites without any decrease in speed. According to the statistics below, in July 2024, Navi+ received over 1 million requests, 10GB of bandwidth, and over 100,000 clicks were handled daily. To achieve this, Navi+ is built on the most advanced technology platforms, with the entire backend infrastructure hosted on AWS, and all front-end resources distributed on AWS-S3 and BUNNY-CDN's Content Delivery Network. This strict separation between platforms ensures that the Navi+ application on your website is protected in multiple layers: Display on the website will not be affected when the backend undergoes upgrades or encounters issues. Similarly, the overall website display will not be affected if Navi+ is impacted. These occurrences are extremely rare (approximately 0.0001%) due to operating on the highest-end platforms.

B. CDN distribution also helps in loading Navi+ on your website and deploying it on customer devices very quickly and stably, with virtually no latency. The average recorded loading speed of Navi+ on customer websites is 242ms (equivalent to 1/4 of a second), which is even better than Shopify. This performance is consistent globally, not depending on any specific region, as servers are distributed worldwide: North America, Europe, Asia, India, Africa, and South America. On customer devices, there is only one request for the entire session due to the internet's caching mechanism, so the wait time for Navi+ is almost zero.

C. Navi+ has earned the "Built for Shopify" designation, proving that the product has passed Shopify's rigorous selection process for design experience, speed, quality, and impact on customer websites.

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